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19 December 2013

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Do you happen to be one of those screenshot geeks who like capturing curious error alerts, messed-up website shots in weird browsers and generally their own desktop so as not to forget how it looks like? Whatever the reason of your needing a decent screen capture tool, you now have one - SPX Instant Screen Capture.
SPX Instant Screen Capture is an advanced tool that lets you capture whole windows, rectangular as well as oddly-shaped areas of the screen and send it to the destination you want. No need to open another application and carefully paste the screenshot from the clipboard - the program can save images to disk, send them directly to the printer or to the fax, send them attached to an email or use ICQ file transfer protocol.
The tool has a straightforward interface which is easy to learn and nice to look at. You'd have to use the options window once or twice - the actual capturing will be done with your mouse cursor only. Try this program today and make screenshots in no time.

Publisher's description

Capture anything from your monitor(s), annotate, and send to any pre-set destination. Zoom for better precision by rotating the mouse wheel while dragging with the mouse around the selected area. Once captured, the screenshot can be sent directly to clipboard, file, e-mail, internet(ftp), printer or another program (for example a graphic editor). To nicely annotate your screen capture before sending it to others, send it to SPX Annotation Editor first. On the canvas you can add text, shapes, arrows and number sequences. Confidential information may be blurred with the tool available for this purpose. When you're happy with your work you can send it - right from the annotation editor - to any destination. TIP: When you send a screenshot to your website using FTP, SPX will send you back the full link (URL) to the screenshot and places it in the clipboard. This way, instead of all the trouble sending images by e-mail, you e-mail a link : the recipient will click the link and open the image.
SPX Instant Screen Capture
SPX Instant Screen Capture
Version 7.0
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